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I've never salmon fished in my life, and I have an opportunity to head out on the big lake O this summer to try for some salmon around Main Duck island with a buddy.  I picked up a 8'6" med-heavy rod and penn line counter level wind reel. I got it spooled up with 20lb berkley big game, and now I'm lost.  I don't think we've got down-riggers so I might pick up a dipsy or a jet-diver?  I've read about flasher/dodgers, plugs and spoons, sewing bait?  I'm not going to blow the wallet out on the first trip, so I'm wondering for mid-june-july what's your 1st pick for technique/lure combination for salmon in Lake Ontario?  ???
109 views and no tips?  come on guys, throw me a bone here  ???

Looks like we'll be going mid-july, over night trip to main duck island on Lake O.  We will not have down riggers, so I'm going to get either a dipsy or a jet diver to control depth. 

what bait/lures are good for that area/time of year?  ???
look at using some 8" echip green/glow flashers or green/glow spin doctors and use some A-tomik flies tied behind them.   monkey puke. green glow, green krinkle, etc...  biggest thing is finding the temp and getting your spread down into it.
downriggers would be your best bet! but a leadcore would work or a copper line. leadcore is going to be your cheapist way of getting down to them. with a dispy diver you will need a special rod with wire line.
Hey DL

I found a few videos on how to rig Dipsy Divers, hope this helps.
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