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I gave my casting bobber a try yesterday. I left about 3 to 4 feet of line under it and attached a fly. then I was able to drag it along the top.  It worked Ok, I caught a few small gills.  I will definently give it a second go.

ice dude:
if you have problems with your line wrapping around it , like i have in the past. try to stop your cast by grabing the line before it hits the water, so the fly goes past the float.

Check out Rainbow Plastics on the WEB     Have used their products for 20 years from eveything from gills to stripers. like the 3/8 oz size. like the standard float-seems that the rubber inside the adjustable wears out real quick in the heat! To use as a sinking weight just drill a few holes,or unsrew both screws,heat pin to melt plastic to cavity.fill with distilled water ,replace screws with epoxy mix - ready to reach out for big ones usually just out side your casting distance(shore fishing),shore fly fishermen love me when I can get to those rising trout past where they can reach(lol)

right here

when not in use, i straighten a paper clip and slide it into the elastic tube, this stops the eleaztic from shrinking and making it almost impossible to thread


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