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Author Topic: Box Butte Spearfishing Tournament---good, bad, ugly  (Read 4236 times)


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Box Butte Spearfishing Tournament---good, bad, ugly
« on: Jun 12, 2012, 10:56 AM »
I know this isn't a normal topic here on MFF, but I feel it needs to be brought to everyones attention. I enjoy spearfishing, it is a fun sport to enjoy, HOWEVER,  there was a Spear fishing tournament at Box Butte June 2nd, with a special limited harvest on game fish of 2 fish per species, with a scoring of 1 point per fish, 1 point per pound. for everything except European Rudd, which were scored as 5 points per fish, 1 point per pound. which helps with controlling the Rudd.  the harvest limit on NON game species was unlimited.   All of this I am OK with.  what I am NOT Okay with, is seeing speared game fish, like 13" crappie and 10" bluegill  in the dumpster after the tournament, and game fish dead, either floating on the surface, washed onto the rocks, or laying at the bottom of the lake.

This tournament was put on by the Rocky Mountain Spearfishing Association. I went to their web site and looked at their ethics page and here is what it says:

"The Rocky Mountain Spearfishing Association abides by the Spearfishing Code of Conduct. We promote ethical spearfishing practices. Here are a few things to do to help the fisheries, the environment, and protect our natural resources.


Spearfishing Code of Conduct
The Responsible Spearfisher:
1. Values and respects the marine environment and all living things in it.
2. Employs the selectivity of spearfishing to take only what is needed.
3. Uses patience and awareness in targeting fish, and avoids undersized or overfished species to help ensure healthy fish stocks now and into the future.
4. Recognizes the limits of their ability, experience and equipment, only pursuing prey when there is a high likelihood of success.
5. Strives to dispatch their selected fish in a prompt and effective manner.
6. Processes their catch to maintain quality and avoid waste.
7. Undertakes to learn and comply with applicable laws and regulations and follows safe spearfishing practices.
8. Helps others to enjoy and respect the marine environment through exemplary conduct and mentorship.
9. Recognizes the significance of promoting accurate perceptions of spearfishing.
10. Upholds the highly selective, honorable and ethical nature of responsible spearfishing."


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Re: Box Butte Spearfishing Tournament---good, bad, ugly
« Reply #1 on: Jun 12, 2012, 11:04 AM »
it also says this:

"Abide by your state fish and game regulations with limits and restrictions regarding where you can and cant dive. Not all lakes and reservoirs are open to spearfishing.


"I kill what I eat. I eat what I kill."

If you think it is wrong for an individual to use a speargun to take fish from a lake or reservoir for the purpose of consumption with zero negative impact to the environment, while in full compliance with state and federal game laws, please review the following scientifically proven and indisputable facts.

Fact #1:

True spear fishermen and spear fisherwomen take only fish that they eat.

Fact #2:

Prior to killing a targeted fish, the spear fisherman or spear fisherwoman will first review the following prior to taking the shot:

1. Will this fish be eaten?
2. Is this specie of fish legal to harvest?
3. Does this fish meet the required legal size?
4. Can this fish be harvested without harming any non targeted wildlife?

If the spear fisherman or spear fisherwoman cannot answer “YES” to all of the above listed questions, the fish is not taken.

Fact #3:

The only time a fish is killed by a spear fisherman and is not eaten is when the fish killed has been determined by federal authorities as a threat to the environment such as non native species, causing environmental destruction to native fish populations. In this case, federal authorities, acting on scientific data provided by expert biologist, often call on spear fishermen and women to help eliminate the destructive, non native fish in an effort to save the natural aquatic eco system. The selective elimination of these fish can only be done by using a speargun to ensure that native fish as well as other wildlife and plant life are not harmed in the process. "

I don't know about you guys but to me this is an issue, I do support the Spearfishing movement, BUT I DO NOT support the wanton waste of gamefish and natural resources.  and I believe that if there is another spearfishing tournament held at this lake, it should be before the game fish season opens, and be limited to non gamefish species only..

just my $.02


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