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Bobber of a lifetime

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I was about 6 years old at the time and we were at my cottage in the Thousand Islands, NY. We were coming back from boating/swimming/fishing and we noticed a bobber in the shallows just chilling. So as 6 year old, this is a bobber, which is probably one of the most important tools as a young fishermen. Me and my friend decided to go retrieve this bobber with our paddle boat. So we started paddling over to it and I go an grab it and I get a monster tug on the other end. Their was splashing water everwhere. When we finally got a good grip on the bobber, we pulled in 30 inch or so northern that had been caught and snapped the line on the bobber. One of the coolest ways I've caught a fish. Ill never forget that memory. We fileted it, a cooked it with dinner with all the rest of fish we caught that day.

Awesome! :thumbup_smilie: The coolest way I caught a fish is when I caught someone else's tip-reel when ice fishing. The line was draped over my hook, a reel on one end and a 38" pike on the other! :w00t:

that's a big pike caught in an interesting way, cant imagine how that felt pulling it by hand!

Yes...there are definitely some strange things that happen while fishing. A friend and I were drifting the shoreline of Cayuga lake years ago casting for trout when he hooked and landed a nice brown of about 5 lbs. The odd thing was, the fish apparently took a swipe at his spoon and got "hooked" because the eye (or loop) of a snelled hook was hanging out of it's mouth. Apparently, when the fish missed the lure the loop caught on one hook of the treble on the spoon he was using and he was able to fight and land it!


I was once fishing with my cousin and a fish snapped his line, so I cast out where he casted. When all of the sudden I get a hit, turns out I hooked the line that snapped off of his reel. We get the fish on shore and sure enough his lure is in its mouth, it was a 19 inch brown!


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