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I want to get some lures for Crappie and would like to know what you guys recommend? 

winchester 88:
I used to be a devout live minnow and jig fisherman until one day my buddy was sitting in the other end of my boat hammering the crappies .
Finally I asked him what the heck he was using and he showed me a package of Berkley Gulp Minnows.
It took me a couple of outings to get convinced but that is all I have used for the last two years.

I like the Erie Shiner and Black Shad in 2 1/2" and also 3"
I fish them on 1/8 oz jigs ,Chartreuse, White, and Pink under a 1' bobber set to float the jig just above the brush.

I brought home 10 from Moraine Park last week which included a 14",2- 13's and 2- 11's and threw a bunch of smaller ones back.

Hope that this helps.

Crappie jigs: curly tails, straight tails, feathered, Bucktails
Plastic tubes with inserted tube jig
Mimic Minnow jigs
Xraps size 4 or 6
Yozuri Pins minnow
Kastmaster 1/8 or 1/4 size
...more but can't think of right now....

rebel tiny crawl
the smallest size rattle traps i can find for ul  tackle i think they call it the ul size..
rebel critter kits i got a cabelas  that have a grass hopper a crawl fish and a popper in it for pan fish..
yozuri  pins minnow's 
matzuo  glass minnows in black/silver or firetiger. these are about 1.25 to 1.5 inches long
 rapala scatter raps and or ul raps ... in the smallest size i can find black and silver

for bait a bobber  like a pencil bobber and a minnow tethered with a piece of lead on a tru turn hook i adjust the lead for aggression more aggressive i make the distance bigger between the hook and the lead short if there less aggressive.also when bait fishing  i measure the length by dropping a white twister tail down first what ever length it completely disappears there a foot below it ...  craps  don't like to be visible when spawning..
 for jig i use a bobber that is round and or tear drop shaped with lead under it or weighted if your will.. and a small jig with trout jig heads and small 3/4 inch twister tails or 1  inch gulp minnows like smelt flavor or chartreuse shad etc...

also try chubby jigs in chartreuse and white have worked for me but other color may work for you 



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