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tent or camper?

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for many years i was a tent guy and love to cam till just a few years ago my wife suggested we look into buying a camper . bought a little 8' starcraft pop-up and totally love it. it takes me no longer to set up than a tent would. it tows very easy i tow it with my wifes is nice to be able to stand up and if its rainy the kids can come in and watch TV....while dads fishing

That's quite the set-up, Scott. Can the whole family sleep in it?
I have a 4 person tent, but my GF and I are the only ones ever sleeping in it because we bring so much stuff and fill it up.
Tents do bite when it's raining, but that's all part of it.

as long as the weather isn't like it is at our last camp out i can stand sleeping in a tent. i like the pop ups with the luxury of home but i like sleeping in my tent in the summer and enjoying the weather. my fiance just got me a got a great little tent off of ebay that was dirt cheap compared to want gander mountain wanted for it. it is a two person bivy tent that weighs 3 lbs. and sets up in about 2-3 minutes. we ordered it and it was at my house in 2 days, great little company. i had to return the one after i burnt that hole in it with the mr. heater.


--- Quote from: wormwigglr on May 06, 2005, 08:17 AM ---i had to return the one after i burnt that hole in it with the mr. heater.

--- End quote ---

That was funny! They gave you your money back?

yeah i bought it on sale and they ended up giving me full price. then i got the two man for 24$ so i made out on the deal


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