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May long weekend (Pic Heavy)


Bill Dance:
Had an awesome trip to Williston Lake. Couldn't ask for better fishing, scenery, weather and friends. The trip in was horrible as I went 92 kms at 40 kms an hour which cause damage to my truck and utility trailer. Caught lots of fish between 15 lbs and 20 lbs. Here are some pics.

Here we are trying to get some morning sun with our coffee.

Here's the view from where we are sitting.

Here's some fish that we caught.

The last two fish we caught was a double header.

Even my buddy was getting into fish.

Some boat scenery shots.

We also went up the lake and found a nice waterfall.

All and all everybody had fun and a good time.

Until next time when I come back from up north with big monster pics from Plummer's Lodge! I can't hardly wait!  :clapping:

Amazing pictures.  Great trip thank you for sharing. Love the rogue with the red tipped fins

Water Wolf:
Great scenery photos and dandy big lake trout.
That looked like a lot of fun, way to go Bill Dance. 8)



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