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Gonna be a tough opening day for stream and river rivers , water high now with 1 to 2 inches more on thurs. and Friday. I think I will go to the local trout park (Mohegan park) rather than battle the floods. Stay safe :-\

At least the drought is over.  The West Aspetuck behind my house is about to blow over it's banks in a couple of spots.  The beavers won't be happy.  Will concentrate on lakes and ponds next week.  Rivers will be raging.

I hate fishing rivers in high water. I caught enough sticks to build a lean-to today. Think I'm gonna try to get to Bigelow for my next attempt at trout, or just settle for panfish at my local pond.
Caught a HUGE fallfish though, wish I took a picture. We don't have a state record for fallfish, do we?

You and me both velcro...the postive side of things is on the Farmington the high water distributes the stockies nicely so you end up with decent numbers season long because they make it through the initial slaughter (not that there is anything wrong with that).  The river in Unionville just cleared a couple days ago, it was very silty.

I like eating a couple rainbows, but they're usually not worth eating this early in the season, taste like liver until they eat enough bugs and other wild stuff instead of what they're fed at the hatchery. I still wanted to catch a trout so in desperation I tried powerbait- and caught that enormous fallfish... Why do fallfish like powerbait so much? I think they like it even more than trout.


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