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Author Topic: Walleye in the Denver area  (Read 75 times)


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Walleye in the Denver area
« on: Jul 09, 2018, 08:17 PM »
Hi everyone.  My name is Bill.  I'm from out east. In early August I'll be staying in Castle Rock visiting my son for about 2 weeks. I'm asking for some help in learning how to target Walleye in the Denver area.  I would love to do some fishing with him while I'm there.  I'll have access to a boat that can troll and is equipped with basic electronics.  I've done some reading here and a few other places and it looks like we can easily get to Cherry Creek and Chatfield.  My son also mentioned Eleven Mile but I'm not sure about Walleye there. 

If I understand correctly, August seems to be a trolling bite for suspended fish.  It looks like primarily stick baits such as Rapalas.  I can put a few trolling rods, boards and stick baits in the truck.  I can control depth with snap weights and or divers. 

I would really appreciate it if any of you would help me out. 

   What depths would I typically need to target?  I'm good to 35 feet with my snap    weights.  Do I need to go deeper?  The boat has riggers if needed.

   What are the main forage fish in these waters?  (Shad, perch?) 

   At this time of year what size baits do you pull.  Rapala 7's, 9's?

   Does anyone have a favorite bait that they would share with me? 

        What times are most productive?  I see some info about night time fishing.

Since we're already hauling a bunch of stuff I need to keep the gear I bring to a pretty small pile.  Your help will let me bring the gear most likely to produce.

Thank you all very much. 


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