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Author Topic: Prayed for Rutnut  (Read 6025 times)


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Re: Prayed for Rutnut
« Reply #210 on: Oct 11, 2018, 05:14 AM »
Was a Great Trip buddy.
Friday evening I caught over 20 bass in Big bay,spinnerbaits and topwater.nothing big.15" the biggest.saturday morning the lake was rough.3' rollers by the 81 bridge.caugbt a lot of pickerel.lots over20".
Saturday evening big bay was on fire 2 of us caught over 40 bass all on topwater. Lots of bigger fish.i caught thr pig of the nite.4.7lb.lots of 18 to 20" bass,saturday nite.ill text you pics.
I sent pics to Cowdawg and spider.


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Re: Prayed for Rutnut
« Reply #211 on: Oct 20, 2018, 07:46 PM »
That's great you had a good trip.  Can't wait to get out on the ice with you Brother.


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Re: Prayed for Rutnut
« Reply #212 on: Oct 20, 2018, 08:22 PM »
That's great you had a good trip.  Can't wait to get out on the ice with you Brother.
Chez stunk up Big Bay good.. my son and I fished there that Sunday. A body of water we know well .. we only pulled one or two bass that day in that area. Good work Uncle Chez!!! 😎 Glad you had a good time!
The HOT BITE is at 11:00 a.m.

R.I.P. Rodney!😎


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Re: Prayed for Rutnut
« Reply #213 on: Feb 02, 2019, 12:23 PM »
Hi Chez and Kingperch .... I noticed your posts about Big Bay at Oneida.    I only get up there a couple times a year, but 2 summers ago I got the biggest pike of my life by complete accident in Big Bay on a small spinnerbait and lightweight casting rod & no leader !    Alot of things went right for me to land that fish, especially considering the thick weeds there (he was released to fight another day).    Anyways, I was hoping you guys might be able to help me ... last summer, I took my wife up & the really nice state park public launch (I think it's called Oneida Shores) was closed ... it looked like it was closed permanently.  We searched & found some private marina way farther up the lake & were able to launch, but it wasn't ideal as I only have a 16' boat & prefer to launch closer to the end of the lake.    Can either of you guys recommend a boat launch near the I81 end of the lake now that the state park is closed ?

Also, if I'm not pushing my luck ... would either of you guys mind telling me what water depths you are targeting smallies in Big Bay ?    It's so weed choked - I find it pretty difficult to find any open water at all unless you leave the bay & get out to 14 ft or deeper ...

Much appreciated fellas ...



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