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Author Topic: 37 tonight,39 Sat night,34 Sun night....WTH?  (Read 2003 times)


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Re: 37 tonight,39 Sat night,34 Sun night....WTH?
« Reply #30 on: Apr 18, 2019, 09:42 PM »
Come on charly. They may be hispanic but they are not Mexican! That's like saying Canada is an American country!

Ah the "Fake News" catch phrase.  Any news one does't like is fake news right?

You said:
Fox News?
You mean the tabloid network that thinks Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras are Mexican countries?

My reply was pointed at that comment. You misunderstood, re-read it I never said those countries people where mexican.
You're listing to CNN/MSNBC to much, you should watch fox news to hear for yourself. Fox News does not call all border crossers Mexicans, they call them illegal imagrants. And when they mention countries they say the illegals come from all over the world and mention countries like Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras. THey don't throw them all into Mexicans.

CNN is fake news, if they was true news then CNN wouldn't be 15th in April Neilson ratings with more people watching the food network than watch CNN.
Fake News, CNN/MSNBC spent 2 years saying every day/every hour that Trump colluded with Russia
Fake News said Nathan Phillips was a vet, he was not.
Fake News said Covington student Nick Sandmann harassed Phillips he didn't, Phillips approached the students and started beating a drum in his face.
Fake News said Trump told Cohen to lie, Muller replied that was a false.
I got hundreds of the same but I don't have the time.

The offtopic post have been mostly calm and piecefull but before "it" happens.  I requested to the moderator to close it.
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Re: 37 tonight,39 Sat night,34 Sun night....WTH?
« Reply #31 on: Apr 19, 2019, 08:14 AM »
Less political talky talky, more fishy fishy.


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