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I just had a dangerous idea. You kinda inspired it with some of the inane comments that proceeded this post.  What if we started a Short story thread where everyone contributed a sentence! Since I have invented this format I go first. Here Goes!!

It had been a long day on the water and I had just one minnow left, as I hooked it through the lips I noticed that it was missing an eye.

As I looked at this eye,  or should I say lack of eye,  I had to wonder about the future of the this last hurrah for me today.

"I've always done well with one-eyed bait", I thought as I tossed my offering into the depths.

I watched with eager anticipation as "One Eyed Jack" (as I had just named the little guy) swirled from my sight to the depths below.

Ithought to myself, come on little guy catch me the big one, when


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