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Author Topic: How often have you seen brown trout clear the water on a line?  (Read 756 times)


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I had one today that must have thought it was a steelhead. Seems most of the browns I've caught like to bore deep.

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Not frequently, even if its a freshly stocked brown.  The wild ones I catch are maniacs but tend to do crazy runs and stay underwater.  Some of the stockies just roll. 


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I’ve only caught a few of them but have not had one jump on my line. This spring however while fishing a local river I had one come out of the water completely right on the other bank of me twice. It looked like it was chasing some baitfish or something right out of the water.


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you hooked a nerve.
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I've had river browns around 15" jump for me, much bigger they stay down. Even when trolling the browns stay down and the salmon/steelhead come up.


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