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Author Topic: Silver/white bass...  (Read 799 times)


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Silver/white bass...
« on: Aug 03, 2020, 07:56 PM »
From my posts, I think it's pretty obvious that I am a multi species angler. One advantage to this is that there is always
something biting somewhere.  I focus on white bass twice in a year.  Both times can offer downright insane fishing with
long runs of fish on consecutive casts.  First off comes the "run" when they head upstream to spawn.  This occurs at about
half past walleye and a quarter til crappie on my fishing clock. On a flyrod or ultralight they will just wear you out.  The second
time when things start to get hot and most types of fish head deep.  Not white bass, they start chasing and herding baitfish on
the surface creating boils or "the jumps".  A good jump will be  about the size of the infield on a baseball diamond as the bass
trap the young shad against the surface of the lake and tear into them.  It's actually noisy from the thrashing and splashing of
predator chasing prey.

last Saturday, a buddy and I met at Missy to fish the tailrace.  When we found it crowded, we went up to the lake where we knew there
some submerged trees.  Our intent was to pick up a crappie or two.  Instead we were greeted by a major white bass blitz. When they came
close enough to reach I threw a blade bait into the foam and immediately got crushed by a silver,  My buddy was stunned.  I ran off
5 fish on my first 5 casts and then noticed he could not reach the feeding fish.  I tossed him a blade bait and he immediately started
catching them too.  He then confessed he'd never caught a white bass before and had never heard of "the jumps"  The action was non
stop for 90 minutes.  Sure there were times when they would boil up out of range but as soon as they were in reach we nailed them again.
I was in 16 inch boots which allowed be to step into the water ,(and ignore the poison ivy).  Several times I found myself standing in 10 inches of water surrounded by countless bait fish forced into the shallows to avoid the silvers.  A couple of times, they were boiling literally a couple of yards away and an underhand toss was all that was needed to get hit.  Size ran 9 1/2 to one that was about 14" I stopped counting at 50.......all released.

fish on,


Mac Attack

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Re: Silver/white bass...
« Reply #1 on: Aug 03, 2020, 09:20 PM »


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