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Author Topic: cold cats cats cats  (Read 305 times)


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cold cats cats cats
« on: Oct 25, 2020, 06:15 PM »
the crapy were a bit timid today.  I had to down size in order to get them to suck it in. even then it was slow for this water.  what wasn't slow was t he kitties.  I must have caught 10 or 12 up to 3# or so. lucky I was using heavy line or I never would have seen them.  let alone get to eat them. lol  I kept a couple in the 16" range for lunch tomorrow. not what I set out to get but still worth the time spent.  sorry didn't mess with pics.  my hands were cold and slimy.  bait of choice was a 1/6th head and 1" plastic dipped in yum.  only one fish hit while jigged.  the rest wanted it dead still and were just on there when I jigged it. I caught some gills to on an ultra lite pole and ice jig.  nothing big though.  I picked that up when the crapy jig was getting nipped at.  don't know what water temp is down to now.  I didn't take the finder with me.
some fishermen tell lies,  this one doesnt need to


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