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Author Topic: Somebody tell ABish... Perch...  (Read 693 times)


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Somebody tell ABish... Perch...
« on: Nov 21, 2020, 07:00 PM »
Great day today!  This extended fall weather is such a blessing and just another thing on a never ending list of things to be grateful for.  Started the day cleaning the yard, once again, hopefully for the last time as it appears with all the recent wind, the trees have finally given up their leaves with the exception of a few oaks here and there.
 Went indoors to grab a sandwich and helped my wife set up the first of seven Christmas trees.  This one is the 10' tree and she really enjoys decorating and playing with all the ornaments she has collected over the years.  I know the house is gonna be a mess for a while but I did not have the courage to ask if we really have to set up the other six at some point.  Took my sandwich outside and ate in the patio cove facing south with a light northeast wind present.  The warmth and clarity outside was remarkable and I decided to see if my 93 yo friend would like to go perching over to Cal Park.  I had heard the perch were thick and he was anxious to go.  Hooked the Impact to the Suburban and off to Sleeze's for bait.  Richie has the best bait with reasonable prices and generous portions of minnows.  Launched at Hammond at 2:30 and I can't say enough about how nice and clean and secure and accessible this launch is.  Northeast wind left a nice rhythmic wave pattern that was very doable and once dialed in, the ride was actually a lot of fun.  I was grateful to have a full windshield and installed the piece of vinyl between the consoles to break the wind.  Turned the corner and there must have been 20 boats scattered at the entrance to Cal Park. We idled through the pack and saw a fish caught here and there and decided to settle over a pod of fish that showed up on the Garmin.  I kinda wish I would have brought my pole transducer for the livescope but this fishing is incredibly simple with spot lock.  Had 3 doubles and between the two of us, our 30 fish came pretty quick.  The environment surrounding this fishery is very industrial and very urban with people randomly lining the shoreline, casting out for perch.  A few large tugs/barges came through heading out to the big lake as we were fishing.  All in all, a good day as always to be out on the water, in creation, and I will tell you, the people I chatted with in other boats were genuinely friendly, in spite of what our media might want us to believe about social tension.  My 93 yo friend really seemed to enjoy his time out and I am hopeful that I have the ability and stamina that he has if I am lucky enough to live that long.  So, Abish - the perch are there waiting for you...


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Re: Somebody tell ABish... Perch...
« Reply #1 on: Nov 21, 2020, 11:05 PM »
Thanks for saving some 4 me.


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