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Author Topic: Preliminary check before first cast.  (Read 1796 times)


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Preliminary check before first cast.
« on: Mar 17, 2021, 10:07 PM »
The simple things of bait casting gear checks, even with a brand new reel is.

Make sure that spool tension knob is actually tuned correctly, else it will fall off on the first cast.

Saw on FB that someone was asking why it happens. 

So are lefty's still righty tighty and lefty loosey?  If it is then that explains it.  If not then, I don't know how that user error happened as we can only go with the information that the poster posted.  Especially when that user still managed to just happen to still have the tension knob.  If it were to really fallen off on the cast, it should've went flying off into the abyss.
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