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Author Topic: Good Luck on the East Housatonic, but Still Nothing on the South Branch  (Read 176 times)


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After church and my coffee/donuts/Sunday paper/polkas-on-the-radio this morning, I drove to Dalton to fish the East Housatonic.

The weather was cloudy and about 60 degrees.

I started about 10:45 AM just below the Depot Street dam/bridge, and caught a 15" brown on my very first cast, but no strikes after that.

Then I headed to the Housatonic Street bridge/dam and fished till 11:30 AM, but didn't have any luck there.

On the way home, I stopped to fish the South Hoosic at Cheshire Harbor, where there were a few other firshermen. 

I did not have any action there myself, and a couple of the others that I spoke to also reported similar results, but I did see a dead rainbow floating in the water, as well as one gent walk off with two rainbows that he caught there, so that's progress of sorts, I guess.   

Steve H.

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Congrats on you 15" brown.  I'd be quite happy with that catch.  Not to mention the time spent outdoors.  Sounds like a nice jaunt.
It is understood that fishing licenses, gas, bait, etc., all cost money, but try not to let a limit of trout be your only gauge for success. Ben Nugent, (NH F&G) Regional Fisheries Biologist


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