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Preliminary review.


TMSF70H is the 7' Heavy power Moderate Fast action for lure weights of 1/2 to 2 oz. retailed for $119.99.

I was looking for a catfish rod comparison to the Ugly Stick 7' MH catfish rod I have.  Although the Teramar rods debut about over 15+ years ago, they are still in current circulation.  Now the line guides on the Teramar are Fuji O guides with deep pressed inserts.  They may be a step down from the Alconite guides but they are a step up from the Hardloy guides.  The spinning rod uses a 3 stem double foot guides for most of the line guides.  I like how smooth the transition from each rings is to the next by the placement of the guides.  Visually looking straight through the line guides and the spacing is just so uniformly placed.  The line guides looks very heavy but still also looks very strong.  Threaded with line and it's very smooth flow without any sudden choke.  The reel seat is good and will pair up with a larger style spinning reel if desired.  Nice 3" cork fore grips and 8" rear grips.

When I did a flex comparison to the Ugly Stick 7' MH catfish rod, the Ugly Stick had a faster rod tip transition but a softer flex.  The Teramar did flex a bit more downward onto the middle of the blank as it is a moderate fast action taper.  The rod blank construction features TC4, which is a double horizontal inner layer of dynamic fibers with an inner and outer spiral of graphite.  In effect it makes the rod great for shock absorption while maintaining a progressive load.  I have this similar rod blank construction in my 7' Medium power fast action Calcutta Inshore spinning rod.  The rubberized butt cap is a great feel and just what I wanted in a catfish rod.

So for my backyard practice cast with a 1 oz bullet weight, it flew beautifully.  Those huge line guides also allowed the line to flow smoothly.  In comparison to when I first tried with the Ugly Stick Catfish rod, I just wasn't getting the feel for it down.  The Teramar just flowed.  The practice reel was just a Sharaha 4000FB with 50# Sufix Performance braid.  Now I'm thinking that I need a good reel to go with this rod.  So I'll be trying to decide which reel to pair it.

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